Scripture Sets

Find LDS scriptures! They come in genuine or bonded leather in several different colors. Also, we are the only company to offer embossing online – customize your your quad, triple combination, Book of Mormon, or Bible with your name on the front!

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Book of Mormon Audio CD
Price $14.95
Compact Bible – Genuine Leather
Price $53.95
Compact Quad – Bonded Leather
Price $60.95
Compact Triple – Genuine Leather
Price $43.95
D&C and Pearl of Great Price Audio CD
Price $17.95
Economy Bible – Hard Cover
Price $13.30
Economy Bible – Soft Cover
Price $10.95
Economy Book of Mormon
Price $3.50
Economy Triple – Hard Cover
Price $6.50
Economy Triple – Soft Cover
Price $6.50
Large Bible – Bonded Leather
Price $50.95
Large Bible – Genuine Leather
Price $63.95
Large Quad – Bonded Leather
Price $63.95
Large Quad – Genuine Leather
Price $79.95
Large Triple – Bonded Leather
Price $37.95
Large Triple – Genuine Leather
Price $49.95
New Testament Audio CD
Price $14.95
Old Testament Audio CD
Price $31.95
Regular Bible – Bonded Leather
Price $40.95
Regular Quad – Bonded Leather
Price $54.95
Regular Quad – Genuine Leather
Price $66.95
Regular Triple – Bonded Leather
Price $30.95
Regular Triple – Genuine Leather
Price $41.95
Spanish Bible
Price $34.95
Spanish Economy Bible
Price $7.95
Spanish Economy Triple
Price $6.95
Spanish Triple Combination
Price $27.95